Wooden Gate Or Metal Gate?

Wooden Gate Or Metal Gate?

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Although there can be many different types of materials for a gate to be made out of, there are 2 categories under which most of them fall – metal and wood. Which one is the best though? Like most things, it comes down to preference and what it is you want out of your gate.

So to shed some light on the benefits and downsides to owning or operating both of these gates, let's go over them a little bit so that you can see which one might be the right decision for you!Wooden Gate Or Metal Gate?

Metal Driveway Gates

In general, metal gates tend to be the most common that you see. Whether it be for your house, some commercialized area, an industrial area, or anything else, metal gates are easier to run, less maintenance, more weather resistant, and can even be lighter.

Depending on what metal you go with, it can be stronger than wood too. However, that's not always the case. Some of the more popular choices among metals is aluminum, which is very weather resistant and lightweight. However, more often than not the lightweight also causes the metal to not be as strong and durable.

As far as repairs go, metal gate repair tends to cost a little bit less whether you are outsourcing it or doing it yourself. On top of that, this kind of repair is going to be easier most of the time due to most of the pieces being fabricated for you already and in the correct shapes that you need them in.

Wooden Driveway Gates

Wooden gates have a little more to them, as there are a lot more types of woods than metals. With that being said, you can find wooden gates at close to any price point that you are comfortable with, because of the variety in woods. Something like pine, for example, would be on the cheaper side, and would also be easy to find. So that is one advantage that wood has over metal.

On the other hand, when it comes to wooden gate repair and maintenance, it's a little more intensive. Wood isn't nearly as weatherproof and non-corrosive as metal is, although that can also depend on the type of wood. Cedar for example is naturally weatherproof and also naturally repels bugs. No matter what the wood, no matter how fancy or how cheap, you are going to need some type of maintenance to keep it in tip top shape.

Nothing can beat the look of a nice hardwood gate though, so it really just depends on what type of look you are going for, the amount of money you are willing to spend, and the type of maintenance you are willing to keep up on your gate or fence.

In the end, we all have our opinions and different choices, so make yours and don't think too much about what anyone else will think. Choose the one which will fit you best, look best for your home, and stick with it!

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