The best tips about gates! Find out the little secrets which will keep you safe and learn how to take care of your gate

You have nothing to lose by checking out the gate tips below and everything to gain. It will only take you a few moments to go over these great ideas on how you can handle some very common gate problems and how you can keep these systems safe. Doesn't your safety deserve a few moments of your time? Take a look now

Don't forget to lubricate gate parts

Lubricants do wonders for your gate. They help it run smoother, eliminate noises, keep parts from getting rusty and also help them last longer. A few drops of lubricants every few months will save you money and trouble in the future. Our experts advise using good quality lubricants, avoiding over-lubricating the parts, and to always oil the sliding gate rollers, fasteners and hinges.

Keep gate opener keypad codes to yourself

Gate opener keypads work with codes. Most of them activate the gate when you enter a four-digit code. Since all these systems work with rolling code technologies nowadays, they're truly safe, but you must keep your personal codes secret. In case you need to share it with a friend or family, it's best to change it frequently. You can do this as many times as you want. You can also program temporary codes for house-maids, the postman or relatives and erase them later.

A driveway gate chain should never be too tight

Ideally, the chain will sag a bit. This will enable it to work properly while keeping the opening and closing speeds optimal. A chain which is too tight will become weaker more quickly and this will increase its risk of premature breaking. Additionally, the hardware parts connected to it will be wearing at a faster rate and therefore will also need replacement sooner.

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