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How should I clean my gate?

Gates must be cleaned for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Accumulated debris on the driveway gate track will only make the gate's movement very difficult. So, the first thing you should do is to sweep elements from the track and the surrounding area. Make sure swing gate wheels follow a path, which is also free of debris. Our specialists recommend cleaning the opener's control box and the gate itself.

What must be done if the gate isn't balanced?

Gates lose balance when there are posts and hinge problems. So, check both parts. Swing gate hinges might become loose over the years, especially if they're not welded. If they are, there might be a need for welding services. Check the posts. Take a look from a distance to see if they're aligned. Their foundations often need reinforcement. It's imperative that they are reinforced with concrete. Also, the arms of the swing gate operator should be tightened.

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