Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Want to know what other customers think of our gate services? How about reading their testimonials here

Want to check our gate company out before working hiring us? That's fair! All you have to do is skim through the testimonials written by some of our clients. Get an idea of their experience and read what they think about our team, gate repair services and our overall customer service

Informed us about gate opener sensors

“It was a pleasure working with Gate Repair Tustin! We were looking for a new driveway gate opener for some time but couldn't decide which would be good for us. Then, a friend advised us to talk to this gate company and this guy that came over was really helpful. He told us everything we wanted to know about swing gate operators, and when we asked about sensors, he explained which ones can enhance further safety apart from the ones already included in the opener package. He also told us how to test them! He was beyond great and we also loved the installation service.”

Repaired our sliding gate wheels

“It was easy to tell why there was so much noise when the gate was moving. I was aware that we have never changed the wheels and could see they were worn. When I called Tustin gate repair to tell them that I'd need my sliding gate rollers replaced, I also told them that I wanted the tech to check the other parts and make sure everything else was okay. The wheels were replaced the following day. The tech surprised me with his thoroughness. He surprised me even more when he told me that the system just needed maintenance and everything else was just fine. Such honesty! And good work! I recommend their gate service!”

Superb Driveway Gate Service

"I needed to have my driveway gate repaired urgently as the unit would not close. I found this company online and called them right away. I was pleasantly surprised with their fast reaction. A technician came in and found the cause of the problem instantly. The driveway gate track was bent and was blocking the wheels. Their tech repaired it with impressive precision. Eventually, the track was in perfect condition and the gate started moving properly once again. I can say only positive things about Gate Repair Tustin. I received a great service in every respect and it was quite speedy too. I will certainly use it again in the future if needed."

Installed a New Gate

My little Steve McQueen couldn’t patiently wait in the car before his first driving lesson! I couldn’t find my purse and told my son to start warming up the engine, he decided to move the car and instead of driving forward a couple feet, he reversed into the gate! Completely knocking it off and almost putting the car in the body shop! A coworker suggested Gate Repair Tustin. Their work was superb! It was a quick re-installation, and the cost low enough for my son to pay me back well before he has kids of his own. I’d certainly recommend this company to anyone in my neighborhood.


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