How to Prevent Common Gate Issues

How to Prevent Common Gate Issues

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There are many things that can go wrong with gates, but dealing with an electric gate not closing or opening is most people's nightmare. Can you imagine getting ready to get to work, go to the doctor's or go to see your five year old's first recital and suddenly realize that the gate won't move? There is no doubt that there are always ways to get to your destination, but that doesn't make such problems less frustrating. When your wrought iron gate fails to close, any homeowner would develop anxiety. Wouldn't you be stressed if yours wouldn't close? Those with kids or with houses built in remote areas know full well of the major security and safety problems which pop up when the gate becomes stubborn and won't close.How to Prevent Common Gate Issues

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We have some excellent news for you. Some problems can really be prevented. You can't avoid all issues, and sometimes external conditions and other factors that are out of your control might cause unexpected problems. The least you can do is take some action to avoid them as much as possible. When gates fail to open or close, the first thing that comes to mind is the condition of the opener. The most common problems occur because the motor is overheated, there is a mix up in the commands in the opener control panel (like having it turned to the “keep open” position), the safety sensors are not cleaned, aligned or in good condition, or something is wrong with any other part of the swing or sliding gate operator.

Often the blame falls on mechanical parts. Haven't you heard of driveway gate tracks being so dirty that the panel stopped moving? A simple problem with the rollers or the chain might keep it from moving. So, the solution is simple: check all these parts! Starting with the opener and moving on to inspect the other parts, take a few minutes every week to make sure everything is okay. Immediate gate repair when problems are found is the wisest step. Sometimes, the problem is even simpler. If your gate doesn't close, take a look around and see if there is an object in front of the exit sensors. If there are trees planted around, don't forget that their roots grow underground and might raise the track. You might not see it at a first glance but your gate could bumps into that little obstacle.

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